Piercings & Beyond

We love an ear party - so now we’re hosting our own in Aurelie Gi’s new NYC showroom.

Let’s get to know each other and give your ears an upgrade for the social summer we all deserve.

We partner with talented Brooklyn body piercer Mahalia Sol to help you create a fresh, unique look via some new jewelry for your lobes. You are able to get up to three ear piercings per appointment, completely FREE, with the purchase of our 14k Gold Aurelie Gi piercing earrings.

Join us for our next event on Saturday, June 19th

Secure your private appointment below!

While we are now offering ear piercing and jewelry change appointments during select days, you can also request a private shopping session – solo or with friends, email us at dumboshowroom@gmail.com for more details.

Our staff is vaccinated and following Covid guidelines to provide a safe and comfortable experience. Please feel free to message us with any questions about these measures or our sparkly treasures (Warning: during your visit, you will likely experience some dad jokes).


Pamela Aguilar  -  2 APR 2021, 12:21

"They are very patient and careful to help me make pierce, and i love their jewelry!!! I can wear it everyday"

Grace Cole  - 15 SEP 2020, 14:42

"Perfect jewelry! High recommended!"

Betty Rivera  -  15 March 2021, 14:42

"I met them by chance and fell in love with them. It was really good."