Jewelry Care

  • 14k Solid Gold

    14k gold is an alloy that has beautiful subtle shade of yellow. It is a durable and hypoallergenic, so works great for those with sensitive skin. It is resistant to scratches and tarnishing so you can wear it almost all the time, and just requires a little polish to shine again.


  • White Diamonds

    Diamonds can be cleaned safely with lint-free cloths, soap and water, jewelry cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaners. Harsher cleaning methods are not recommended for home use.


  • Gemstones

    Gemstones are not fans of water or chemicals. Also, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause certain gemstones to become paler.


  • Pearls

    Pearls are highly sensitive to chemicals and moisture so we suggest avoiding contact with lotions, perfume, cosmetics and hair products. Be sure to wipe pearls with a soft cloth after every use. Removing any chemicals, dirt or perspiration will help reserve their luster. Store your pearls separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches on the surface and do not store pearls in a plastic bag as some plastics emit a chemical over time that may cause deterioration.



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